poor «pur», adjective, noun.
1. having few things or nothing; lacking money or property; needy: »

The children were so poor that they had no shoes. The poor man had nothing, save one little ewe lamb (II Samuel 12:3).

2. not good in quality; lacking something needed: »

poor soil, poor milk, a poor story.

3. small in amount; scanty: »

a poor crop. Upon this discovery the treasure-seekers, already reduced to a poor half dozen…fled outright (Robert Louis Stevenson).

SYNONYM(S): insufficient, inadequate.
4. lacking ability; inefficient: »

a poor cook, a poor head for figures.

5. not satisfactory; frail: »

poor health.

6. needing pity; unfortunate: »

This poor child is hurt. The voter who seems likely to be commiserated with most…is the poor taxpayer (Newsweek).

7. not favorable: »

a poor chance for recovery.

8. shabby; worn-out: »

a poor, threadbare coat.

the poor, persons who have very little or nothing: »

The destruction of the poor is their poverty (Proverbs 10:15).

[Middle English pore, short for pouere < Old French povre < Latin pauper, -eris, related to paucus few. See etym. of doublet pauper. (Cf.pauper)]
poor´ness, noun.
Synonym Study adjective.1 Poor, penniless, impoverished mean with little or no money or property. Poor has a rather wide range of meaning, from being needy and dependent on charity for the necessities of life, to having no money to buy comforts or luxuries: »

She is a poor widow.

Penniless means without any money at all, but sometimes only temporarily: »

She found herself penniless in a strange city.

Impoverished means reduced to poverty from comfortable circumstances, even wealth: »

Many people became impoverished during the depression of the 1930's.

Useful english dictionary. 2012.

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